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Instant messaging is just too easy. What happened to the thrill of secret messages?

Next time you want to pass me a message hide it inside of a false coin.

Now you have my attention.

Text “kioskcoin” to 767825 (PORTAL) and get sneaky.

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Text to Buy the Bombs Back

Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads:

“Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.”

This statement is the inspiration for the name of one of our partnering vendors, Article 22 and Article 22 Trading Co., two companies with a shared philosophy. That shared philosophy is grounded in the desire to partner with artisans the world over to “share skills and trade fairly”.

The Peace Bomb Bracelet is a true testament of that philosophy…

From the Article 22 website:

“The Peace Bomb project combines human ingenuity and aluminum war scrap metal to create bracelets that tell a story about their makers and the legacies of our shared history.”

During the United States’ campaign in Vietnam (1964-1973) there were roughly 250 million bombs dropped on the country of Laos, making it the most heavily bombed country, per capita, in history.

In the years since the Vietnam War resourceful artisans in the Naphia village have learned to safely collect scrap metal from the old munition and re-purpose it for future use. Using wooden blocks and ash to make molds, the artisan families cast spoons and bowls out of recovered metal. Article 22 and the Swiss-based NGO Helvetas have collaborated with the village artisans of Naphia to create the Peace Bomb Bracelet out of this same reclaimed metal.

Set of three Peace Bomb Bracelets


“A bracelet. A story about war and peace. Destruction and reconstruction. History. Instead of words, this story is composed of fragments of bombs, melted and shaped into a circle, a bracelet, a reminder.”

Subports, our text-to-buy company that works with independent designers, is proud to be supporting Article 22 and the artists from Naphia Village in this amazing venture. Each purchase of a Peace Bomb Bracelet supports the artisan families in Naphia Village and includes a donation to the development of a community micro-credit fund that provides resources for infrastructure projects and micro-loans to individuals in the community.

Text “a22peacebomb” to 767825 (PORTAL) to purchase 1 bracelet for $15 plus s&h.

Text “a22peacebomb3” to 767825 (PORTAL) to purchase 3 bracelets for $38 plus s&h.

Sign up for Subports here and start shopping and supporting independently.

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A Wok + Wine Special Internet Week 2010 Event! Buy Tickets now!

Food: Wok+Wine // Special Internet Week Event
Tuesday, June 8, 7:00 – 10:00pm

We’re really excited to be working with Wok+Wine, The World’s Most Delicious Social Network. The deal for Internet Week is simple: a $50 contribution gets you access to dinner with 60 other strangers sharing 50 pounds of the tastiest shrimp and 50 bottles of the same well-paired wine. Guests eat with their hands around a communal table and get merry.

Thanks to friends at Thrillist, this W+W will be at an insane loft / rooftop on W. 27th Street with killer views and a DJ. The extra $10 for this event goes to a charity that guests will vote on during the evening.

Peter Mandeno, Wok+Wine’s founder, will educate guests on the Rip – Lick – Bite – Suck process. Wok+Wine guests are emailed the exact location of the dinner 24 hours beforehand. Oh, and just because it’s Internet Week, don’t worry if you don’t know your CSS from your CMS.

Food contribution is $50, and the event is limited to 60 guests.  You can buy up to 6 tickets.
Text “woknwine1” to 767825 (portal) to buy 1 ticket
Text “woknwine2” to 767825 (portal) to buy 2 tickets
More info at www.woknwine.com/internetweek

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Countdown to the Vena Cava Garage Sale.

Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, the stunning and talented ladies behind the fashion line Vena Cava, have raided their collective stock for Garage Sale. Starting June 1 and running for only 30 days, customers can purchase items at the garage sale using Subports’ text-to-buy platform. Join us for the fun and snag yourself a little bit of hand-picked sexy.

Stay tuned at www.PortalMRKT.com or www.venacavanyc.com/portalmrkt

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Subports and Fair Folks & a Goat Present: Meschiya Lake and Her Little Big Horns

Music: Meschiya Lake and Her Little Big Horns
Saturday, May 22, 4 – 6PM
Fair Folks & A Goat, Upper East Side, NY
New Orleans performer Meschiya Lake brings her deep-south parlor jazz to a small room of lucky listeners. Her music is straight from the era of racetrack broadcasters shouting into tinny radios and well-dressed folks in funny hats sipping mint juleps. Writes The New Yorker: “Lake can make you feel by turns as though you were shivering around a campfire in a railroad yard or drinking in a Budapest night club in 1938.”

Catch Meschiya Lake and Her Little Big Horns at our favorite favorite uptown arts speakeasy (that’s also a stone’s throw from the Guggenheim!), Fair Folks & A Goat.

Tickets are $14 via Subports; any remaining tickets will be $20 at the door.
Text “fairfolksmusic1” to 767825 (portal) to buy 1 ticket.
Text “fairfolksmusic2” to 767825 (portal) to buy 2 tickets.
*Note: The precise address will follow your confirmation email.

Sing out!

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Sounds Like and Subports

That “sounds like” a great collaboration

Subports is proud to be collaborating with designer Joey Roth and co. in an amazing show for Design Week.

Nine designers and five musicians reinterpret American designer Joey Roth’s award-winning Ceramic Speakers. Talents include Tobias Wong, David Lynch and Matthew Waldman. Surface magazine is the media sponsor. Transactions, artist inquiries, and free mp3s by Subports. Go to our website to become a member. Only guests that are Subports’ users and attend the show will have access to the free mp3s.

Come out and enjoy the music and interesting design interpretations from 9 very talented artists.



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Fair Folks & A Goat + Joon&Jung + Refined Sugar Studio

Subports Presents: Fair Folks & A Goat +Joon&Jung +Refined Sugar Studio

One night only!

Thursday, May 13, 5-9PM

4 East 88th St., 3rd Floor, NYC

This Thursday our friends at Fair Folks & a Goat will be featuring a special show starring the work of Joon&Jung and Refined Sugar Studio. The newest designs in lighting, furnishing, and home accessories from Refined Sugar Studio, and Joon & Jung are on display at Fair Folks & a Goat, a gallery and boutique located within a 19th century townhouse.

SUBPORTS will be on hand to allow guests at the show to purchase items via text message. Go to our homepage at www.subports.com to make a secure account with us. Shop independent!!

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