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A Wok + Wine Special Internet Week 2010 Event! Buy Tickets now!

Food: Wok+Wine // Special Internet Week Event
Tuesday, June 8, 7:00 – 10:00pm

We’re really excited to be working with Wok+Wine, The World’s Most Delicious Social Network. The deal for Internet Week is simple: a $50 contribution gets you access to dinner with 60 other strangers sharing 50 pounds of the tastiest shrimp and 50 bottles of the same well-paired wine. Guests eat with their hands around a communal table and get merry.

Thanks to friends at Thrillist, this W+W will be at an insane loft / rooftop on W. 27th Street with killer views and a DJ. The extra $10 for this event goes to a charity that guests will vote on during the evening.

Peter Mandeno, Wok+Wine’s founder, will educate guests on the Rip – Lick – Bite – Suck process. Wok+Wine guests are emailed the exact location of the dinner 24 hours beforehand. Oh, and just because it’s Internet Week, don’t worry if you don’t know your CSS from your CMS.

Food contribution is $50, and the event is limited to 60 guests.  You can buy up to 6 tickets.
Text “woknwine1” to 767825 (portal) to buy 1 ticket
Text “woknwine2” to 767825 (portal) to buy 2 tickets
More info at

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